E I M I – S t u d y


The ICMI/ICIAM joint Study on Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and Industry is designed to enable researchers and practitioners around the world to share research, theoretical work, projects descriptions, experiences and analyses. As described in the Discussion Document, it will consist of two components: the Study Conference and the Study Volume.

The ICMI/ICIAM-Study on “Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and Industry (EIMI-study)” starts from two assumptions, namely:

(1) There are intimate connections between innovation, science, mathematics and the societal production and distribution of goods and services, in short: there intimate connections between mathematics and industry.

(2) There is a need for a fundamental analysis and reflection on – maybe new – strategies for education and training of students in view of these connections.

The EIMI-study seeks to better understand these connections and to offer ideas and suggestions how education and training can contribute to enhance the individual and societal development.


The Study Conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 19-23, 2010, the number of participants to be invited being limited to approximately 100 people. It is hoped that the Conference will attract not only “experts” but also some “newcomers” to the field with interesting and refreshing ideas or promising work in progress, as well as participants from countries usually under-represented in mathematics education research meetings.
Anyone interested in participating at the Conference or in the Study is encouraged to consult the Discussion Document. Inquiries on all aspects of the Study and suggestions concerning the content of the Study Conference should be sent to both co-chairs of the International Programme Committee.

Study Volume

The Study Volume, a post-conference publication, will appear in the New ICMI Study Series (NISS), published by Springer. Acceptance of a paper for the Conference does not ensure automatic inclusion in this book. The Study Volume will be based on selected contributions as well as on the outcomes of the Conference. The exact format of the Study Volume has not yet been decided but it is expected to be an edited coherent book that can hopefully serve as a standard reference in the field for some time. We aim to present the Study Volume during the 7th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics — ICIAM 2011 —, to be held on July 18-22, 2011, in Vancouver, Canada.

Study Timeline

• Submissions for participation in the Study should be uploaded or send by e-mail by October 15, 2009 (see Papers Submission).

• Submissions will be reviewed and decisions made about inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. Notifications about these decisions will be sent by November 15, 2020 to all those who sent in submissions. In the case of papers accepted for the Conference, some suggestions for changes might be made.

• Final versions of papers accepted for the Conference Proceedings must be received by March 15, 2021


International Programme Committee

Alain Damlamian (co-chair)
Faculté de Sciences et de Technologie, Université Paris XII

Rudolf Sträßer (co-chair)
Institut für Didaktik der Mathematik, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

José Francisco Rodrigues (local organizer)
Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa and Centro Internacional de Matemática

Marta Anaya
Facultad de Ingeniria, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Helmer Aslaksen
Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore

Gail Fitzsimons
Faculty of Education, Monash University

José M. Gambi
Escuela Politecnica Superior, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Solomon Garfunkel

Alejandro Jofré
Departamento de Ingeniria Matematica, Universidad de Chile

Henk Van der Kooij
Freudenthal Institute, Universiteit Utrecht

Li Ta-tsien
Department of Mathematics, Fudan University

Brigitte Lutz-Westphal
Institut für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften,
der Mathematik und des Sachunterrichts, Universität Vechta

Taketomo Mitsui
Department of Computer Science and Mathematical Informatics
Nagoya University, Japan

Nilima Nigam
Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

Fadil Santosa
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota

Bernard R. Hodgson (ex officio, Secretary-General of ICMI)
Département de mathématiques et de statistique, Université Laval (Canada)

Rolf Jeltsch (ex officio, President of ICIAM)
Seminar for Applied Mathematics, ETH Zürich

Local Organising Committee

Aderito Araujo
Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra

António Fernandes
Department of Mathematics, IST/Technical University of Lisbon

Assis Azevedo (co-chair)
Department of Mathematics, University of Minho

José Francisco Rodrigues (chair)
Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon


The EIMI Discussion Document

The International Programme Committee has completed the Discussion Document last Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009, which can be downloaded from this site and may be freely distributed. This document is the basis for the 20th ICMI Study and it will appear soon at the international journal L’Enseignement Mathématique , founded in 1899, which is an official organ of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction.
Date: February 24th 2009

The EIMI Program Committee

From left to wright, upper row: Gail Fitzsimons, José Gambi, Alejandro Jofré, Bernard Hodgson, Taketomo Mitsui, Alain Damlamian, Brigitte Lutz-Westphal, Henk van der Kooij and José Francisco Rodrigues; and lower row: Solomon Garfunkel, Rudolf Strässer, Helmer Aslaksen and Rolf Jeltsch.
(see also Committees)
Location: Óbidos, Portugal Date: October 4th 2008

The EIMI meeting in Óbidos

The Centro Internacional de Matemática (CIM) has organized and sponsored the International Programme Committee meeting of the international study on Educational Interfaces between Mathematics and Industry. The meeting took place in Óbidos, Portugal, during 2-5 October, 2008. Mathematical “Training and Education” for industry was identified as an important issue in the recent report of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) on Mathematics in Industry, that also contains valuable references to other resources in this area.
Location: Óbidos, Portugal Date: October 2-5th 2008

The EIMI-Study announcement

The ICMI Executive Committee has approved the launch of the EIMI study in 2008 and the first public announcement of this first ICMI/ICIAM joint study was done at the 11th International Congress of Mathematical education, ICME-11, July 6-13, 2008, Monterrey, Mexico.
The presentation of the EIMI-study is schedule for the occasion of the 7th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics – ICIAM 2011, to be held in July 18 22, 2011, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Location: Monterrey, Mexico


Inquiries on all aspects of the Study and suggestions concerning the content of the Study Conference should be sent to both co-chairs:

• Alain Damlamian, e-mail: damla@univ-paris12.fr


• Rudolf Sträßer, e-mail: Rudolf.Straesser@math.uni-giessen.de